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I got another letter from OWCP telling me I have to see another doctor. I just went 6 months ago! This is not fair. Do I have to go again?

Yes you do, unless there is some legitimate medical reason for your inability to attend, in which case you may be able to delay your appointment. OWCP has every right to scheduled medical exams for you at “reasonable” intervals.

Only in the MOST EXTREME circumstances could you even hope to argue that OWCP was being unreasonable. By “extreme”, I mean if they were to schedule you to the same specialty examination 5 or 6 times in a 10 to 12 month period. If that happens, please let me know. Otherwise, attend the exam and be nice.

YOU MAY BRING A PHYSICIAN TO THE EXAM - assuming this is actually a second opinion exam and NOT an “independent” or “impartial” medical exam scheduled to resolve a medical “conflict”. In that case you must attend on your own. If this is a SECOP exam, and you have the resources to bring another physician and wish to do so - go ahead! Tell the CE RIGHT NOW that you wish to do that. It is your right to have a physician attend your OWCP second opinion examination.