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Total and Partial Disability

Federal work injury claims and other federal disability claims do not settle and may remain open until death. Often, the best long-term results are achieved when your designated representative is on record and routinely informed of the status of your claim and of inquires made by any interested parties.

I've had the privilege of enjoying long-lasting relationships with many of my clients. Some have relied on me since the first year of my career.

Federal Disability Benefits – OWCP, OPM, SSA

Federal disability benefits from any source do not just expire – they should continue until the disability has ceased or, in cases of work-related or service connected disability, is no longer work-related or service connected. “Disability” is a term in benefits law meaning “inability to earn wages”. If your ability to earn wages is reduced but not eliminated by your medical condition, then you have a “partial disability” and have retained some ability to earn wages.

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