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I have finished vocational rehabilitation with OWCP and am now looking for work. There is really no chance of me finding a job. How can I stop OWCP from reducing my compensation?

You can immediately write to your CE and explain exactly why there is “no chance” you will find a job.

I think you should include all of your reasons, but the first two listed should be (1) medical incompatibility and (2) job availability. Medical incompatibility means your documented medical limitations and the job duties do not match.

For example, travel to and from work requires 45 minutes in the car each way. If you can’t drive (or sit) more than 30 minutes, express your regrets that you cannot drive the needed 45 minutes each way without doing yourself harm and object on this basis. Include any other reasons with legitimate medical foundations. Send a copy of this letter right away.

If possible, send another copy with your physician’s signature next to yours, indicating their agreement with your statements. Next: (2) job availability. If the number of jobs is just not there, despite what the voc rehab counselor said in his or her report to OWCP, then say so, and explain how you are aware of this problem even though your voc rehab counselor is not.

There is a good chance your compensation will be reduced at this point despite any objection. Still, if you feel there is no chance of you finding a job these are the steps you must take if you want to have a chance that OWCP does not reduce your compensation. You may want an experienced representative to pursue this further and then monitor the status.