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What to Expect from Services Rendered

As a fully retained, duly designated representative, I will take as much of the burden from your shoulders as you can and will allow.

I will speak for you before OWCP, OPM, your employing agency, physicians, and any other participants on matters covered by our agreement.  I will review your documents and prepare step by step written instructions of what I would do if I were you. I will give verbal instructions on the phone. I will write letters for you to sign and prepare forms or requests for you to present.

We may never meet in person, especially if yours is a claim of work injury, an application to OPM for retirement benefits or a Veterans’ Appeal. These processes are successfully navigated by mail, fax or e-mail.

What we will do in every case is work closely together so that your goals are achieved. To meet your goals they must be reviewed, revisited, and well understood at each phase of the legal process. If we are not reaching your goals, we will stop and find out why.